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Young Girl Accused of Shoplifting Gets Tased By Police Officer

Saturday Sep 14th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Criminal Investigations |

Shoplifting offenses can result in serious consequences if convicted and those who have been accused of taking possessions that do not belong to them should consult with an Albany shoplifting lawyer for help understanding options. There are often diversion programs that can make it possible to avoid a criminal record, and an attorney can provide help to those who want to explore ways to protect their future when they are facing accusations of shoplifting.

While people of all ages can be convicted of shoplifting offense, young people often engage in minor shoplifting crimes because they don't fully understand right from wrong. When this occurs, it can be especially important for the justice system to treat these young people fairly. Unfortunately, this is not always what occurs. In fact, just recently, CBS Albany reported that a police officer has been accused of using a taser on an 11-year-old who allegedly shoplifted from a Kroger store.

Officer Reportedly Uses Taser on 11-Year-Old Accused of Shoplifting

According to CBS Albany, a young woman was in a Kroger store when police were called because the girl and a group of her friends were allegedly taking items from the store without paying for them.

One of the police officers who was called to the store in response to the alleged shoplifting by the young group of girls reportedly approached one of the girls. She ignored the questions that the officer asked of her and she walked away from the police officer without obeying his commands. According to CBS Albany, the police officer reacted to this by deploying his taser and striking the girl in the back.

After she had been tased by the officer, the girl was reportedly taken into custody. She was subsequently charged with theft and with obstructing official business.  After the incident, the young girl was transported to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for evaluation. She will have her case heard in Juvenile court at a later point in time in order to address the allegations that have been made against her of shoplifting and obstruction of official business.

However, there are concerns that the officer acted improperly in deploying the taser against the young woman. The police chief said in a statement that he was extremely concerned about the use of force by an officer against a child who is so young. The chief said that a thorough review of the incident would be conducted, and that the police force would review its policies with regards to the use of force on juveniles. The officer who allegedly used the taser on the young girl has also been placed temporarily onto restricted duty pending the outcome of an investigation into whether or not he acted improperly.

If you or your child has been accused of shoplifting, you need help navigating the justice system to get the best outcome possible.  An Albany shoplifting lawyer can represent your interests and work closely with you to maximize the chances you avoid conviction or serious consequences. To find out more about how an attorney can help you, give us a call today.

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