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Sex Crimes in City Schools Are on the Rise | Albany Sex Crimes Attorney

Friday Apr 27th, on Sex Crimes |

Sex crimes charges can change a person's life forever in profound ways. If an accused defendant is convicted of a sex crime, registration as a sex offender is likely. The conviction can also affect future employment opportunities and relationships, even after jail time is served and a convicted offender is supposed to be able to move on. 

Anyone who is accused of a sex crime should be certain to get the proper legal help from an Albany sex crimes attorney because of the severity of the charges and the harshness of possible penalties imposed for sex offenses.

It is especially important for young people to have the best possible legal representation if they have been accused of committing any type of sex crimes, because their entire life could be derailed by an accusation or by a conviction. Unfortunately, as the New York Post recently explained, there have been a growing number of students in city schools charged with sex offenses.

A Growing Number of Students Have Been Charged With Sex Crimes in City Schools

According to the New York Post, there was a 73 percent increase in the number of city students who were charged with a sex offense during the fourth quarter of 2017, compared with the number of students charged with a sex crime during the same time period in 2016. This information comes from data collected by the New York Police Department on school safety.

Over the course of just three months – October, November, and December – there were a total of 26 students within city schools who were charged with offenses including rape, forcible touching, and sexual misconduct. This is up from a total of 16 students charged with these crimes and similar offenses during the same three-month period in 2016.

The 26 arrests of city school students for sex crimes was not just higher than in 2016. It was the highest number of arrests of students for sex crimes in any quarter since the New York Police Department first began keeping track of these statistics. The previous record occurred during the first quarter of 2016 when there were a total of 22 students arrested for sexual offenses.

When comparing the data from year-to-year, there was one more arrest in 2017 compared with 2016 that was related to sexual offenses. In 2016, a total of 68 students were arrested throughout the entirety of the year because of sex offenses but in 2017, that number went up to 69.

In response to the rising number of sexual offenses, the Department of Education has indicated that more resources will be dedicated to combat sexual misconduct within the schools. This could mean an even more aggressive crackdown and an even higher number of arrests going forward.

If you or your child is accused of any type of sexual offense, it is imperative that you get legal help from an experienced Albany sex crimes attorney as soon as possible to fight against charges. Contact an attorney today for help and advice.

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