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Insurance Fraud

Albany Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Federal Insurance Fraud Cases

Insurance fraud allegations can take a variety of forms including the following:

  • Illegally obtaining an insurance policy (such as by lying about one’s age, the value of one’s property or some other key fact, or by renewing a deceased family member’s auto insurance policy in order to remain covered)
  • Making falsified claims for benefits (such as claiming losses that were not actually incurred as claimed — for example, falsifying dates, or claiming that a car was stolen when in fact it was abandoned, or claims involving arson, staged death or staged accidents)
  • Inflated insurance benefit claims
  • Accepting insurance settlements that were fraudulently obtained
  • Health care fraud affecting claims under health, private disability and no-fault insurance policies

If a person purposefully gives false information to an insurance company or conceals or misrepresents facts on an insurance application, he or she may be guilty of committing insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud is rarely a stand-alone crime. Related charges may include forgery, enterprise corruption, Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud. Most commonly, insurance fraud is committed in furtherance of grand larceny. In fact, the insurance fraud statute and the grand larceny statute are structured similarly in terms of penalties.

Whatever the allegations, whatever the circumstances, do not underestimate the seriousness of accusations or charges involving insurance fraud. When your case is still at the investigation stage — and you have not yet been charged — that may be the greatest opportunity to obtain a favorable outcome. Talk to an experienced Albany criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC.

Insurance fraud charges pose a risk to your future. Protect your reputation and your freedom. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your white collar criminal defense matter, call our law office in New York City, Albany or Schenectady at 518-363-6293 or email him directly.

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