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Ignition Interlock Device

Albany DWI Defense Attorney Helping Drivers Required to Install an Ignition Interlock Device Following a DWI Conviction

Albany and New York state laws require drivers convicted of misdemeanor or felony drunk driving charges to install ignition interlock devices on any cars that they own and operate for a minimum of six months. In certain instances, the interlock device requirement may be extended into the probation period beyond the time that your driver’s license is under revocation as a result of these serious convictions.

An ignition interlock device, which is to be installed at the convicted driver’s expense, is designed to measure blood alcohol content and disallow operation of the car if the driver’s alcohol level is above a certain amount as measured by the device. Users of the ignition interlock device will be required to pay for monitoring.

You may have arrived at this web page because you are wondering whether this requirement can be averted in your case. Perhaps you, a medical professional or car salesman, transport patients, clients or customers as part of your job — and you wonder whether the requirement can be waived for the extra hardship that it would cause you. Perhaps your driving privileges have been suspended because you allegedly failed to install or have monitored the ignition interlock device, but you dispute the allegations. Your concerns are valid, and your need for knowledgeable legal counsel is urgent.

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