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Computer Crimes

Albany Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling Computer and Cyber Crime Cases

As you may have recently learned, Internet and computer crimes are being more actively investigated and prosecuted than ever before. Sting operations leading to charges such as possession or distribution of child pornography, solicitation of a minor, or fraud have been popularized by mainstream media and they “make good copy” for the FBI and police.

If you have been charged with a computer crime, have had computer equipment seized, or have learned you are part of an ongoing investigation, you need experienced representation from a New York computer crimes attorney today. Attorney James E. Tyner has the level of New York State court experience that may be essential to avoiding conviction or the most extreme adverse consequences.

Child Pornography — Harassment or Solicitation — Fraud Defense

I have the experience and resources to defend you against a wide range of allegations involving:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography or other material deemed obscene
  • Harassment or solicitation of sex using the Internet, through the use of e-mail or Web postings
  • Identity theft, credit card fraud and other financial computer crimes
  • Any type of business, real estate, application or other fraud– including e-mail and Internet scams

Put Extensive New York State Trial Experience on Your Side

Under a wide range of circumstances, the use of a computer to commit an illegal act can make it a felony offense, which is subject to mandatory prison terms sought by experienced prosecutors. Many people arrested for computer crimes are shocked by the consequences they can face for what they believed was harmless activity or a relatively minor offense.

My firm has achieved positive results for our clients in complex New York State criminal cases. I take pride in our commitment to provide vigorous, determined advocacy. There may be many viable defense strategies to consider in your computer crimes case, and I will take a relentless, resourceful approach in pursuing them.

Accused of a Computer Crime? Call an Experienced Albany Criminal Defense Lawyer Now for Help!

If you have been contacted by a government agent or investigator about a possible computer crime, anything you say is likely to be used against you — even if you only proclaim your innocence. Please contact James E. Tyner immediately for the serious representation you need and deserve.

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