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NY Lawmakers Propose Domestic Violence Registry

Monday Mar 27th, on Domestic Violence |

One of the most significant penalties that results after a conviction for a sex offense is a requirement to register as an offender. Registration impacts job opportunities, affects where a person can live, and can impact all future relationships.

One of the big reasons why it is important to try to fight hard to avoid conviction for a sex offense is to try to stay off the registry.  Trying to avoid the life-changing consequences of registration is a key reason why those who are accused of sexually-based offenses need to get help from Albany sex crimes lawyers who can assist with developing a strategic defense.

Now, some lawmakers are proposing the expansion of the use of registries so that it is not only sex-offenders who must live with serious ongoing impediments to their lives, even after they have served their sentence.  CBS Local NY reports that three New York lawmakers now want domestic violence offenders to also be required to register upon conviction.

Why is a Domestic Violence Registry Needed?

A state Senator, a state Assemblywoman and a state Assemblyman all announced a joint proposal suggesting the implementation of a domestic violence registry. They indicated that it would be simple to put into place because the same kinds of software, process and protocols could be used for domestic violence offenders as is already used for sex offenders.

The proposal was made after a 23-year-old was killed in a fatal stabbing, which police believe was part of a domestic dispute. Her boyfriend has been accused of killing her, after nearly decapitating her during the altercation.

The accused has a history of violent offenses, including pleading guilty to using a bottle to strike a man in the face.  The lawmakers who made the proposal to put a domestic violence registry in place believe that if the seven prior incidents of violence the defendant had committed had been known to the victim, her life could have been saved.

The accused man has turned himself in and is facing charges. CBS Local indicates that one of the lawmakers who introduced the bill to create the registry believes that the bill has bipartisan support in Albany. If it is passed, it would be the first domestic violence registry in the United States.

It remains to be seen if lawmakers will actually move forward to create this database of people accused of violent offenses. However, it is important to remember that people do have a right to move on with their lives after being convicted and serving their time. Stigmatizing a person for past wrongdoing does not help to rehabilitate a person after conviction and it may be a violation of the defendant's rights unless there is strong evidence that a database is necessary to protect the public.

If a database is created, anyone accused of a domestic violence offense will need to be aware of how high the stakes are when they are charged with offenses that can land them on the registry. The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC sex crimes lawyers can provide more information and offer legal representation and guidance to defendants who have been accused of crimes that could lead to registration.

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