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New York State AG Resigns Over Allegations of Misconduct

Friday May 18th, on Sex Crimes |

Mere accusations of a sexually based offense, even before you come under investigation or are subject to prosecution, can derail your career. Responding assertively and aggressively if you are suspected of inappropriate sexual behavior is vital and an Albany sex crimes attorney should be consulted for help as soon as you are accused.

Just recently, a prominent political figure was accused of wrongdoing and resigned the same evening the story broke in the news. The prominent politician was Eric T. Schneiderman, who served as the Attorney General of New York State.

The Allegations: Physical Abuse and Sexual Misconduct

According to the New York Times, Schneiderman resigned after a report in the New Yorker detailed allegations of physical abuse and sexual misconduct that were made by four women. Although Schneiderman, who was AG at the time, vigorously denied the allegations against him, he indicated he was resigning because the allegations would prevent him from doing his work going forward.

The women who spoke out indicated they'd been romantically involved with the now-former AG when Schneiderman repeatedly slapped or hit them and even choked them.  The women insisted that the violence was not consensual, although Schneiderman insisted in the statement he released that he had been engaged in consensual sexual activities including role playing. He denied that he had assaulted anyone and also insisted he had not engaged in nonconsensual sex.

One of the woman, who provided her name when speaking with New York Magazine, indicated that Schneiderman regularly drank excessively and was physically violent, without her consent, every time the couple engaged in intercourse.  She also described both verbal and emotional abuse.

Schneiderman had long been a prominent and vocal advocate for women, and his office was conducting an investigation into why Harvey Weinstein was not prosecuted after an Italian model had accused the media mogul of groping her.  However, the allegations indicate his behavior in private may have crossed a line.

Other prominent politicians quickly called for Schneiderman's resignation in the wake of the allegations, and news reports indicate that the Manhattan district attorney has now opened an investigation into the allegations made against the former attorney general.  The investigation could identify whether Schneiderman can be tried for physical or sexual abuse in light of his alleged behavior with his romantic partners. However, whether an investigation ends up being opened or not, Schneiderman is already out of his job and his reputation has been irrevocably harmed.

While the news of a politician's potential wrongdoing makes headlines, any person who is accused of misconduct could find that his or her life is derailed even if the accusations doesn't create such a media sensation. You could still be at risk of losing your job or having your relationships suffer based on accusations, and you could also find yourself under investigation and facing criminal charges.

An Albany sex crimes attorney can help you to understand your options if you've been accused of wrongdoing and can work closely with you to try to resolve the allegations as quickly as possible with the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Contact an attorney today to learn more.

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