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Deputies Accused of Hit-and-Run Coverup

Saturday Aug 31st, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Leaving the scene of a crime can result in criminal charges. An Albany criminal defense lawyer can provide representation to those accused of a misdemeanor or a felony in connection with a hit-and-run accident in which a driver flees the scene of a crash. 

Motorists are expected to stop at a crash scene both to help ensure injured victims are able to get aid and to make certain contact information is exchanged so when injuries or fatalities occur, the party who caused the accident can be held accountable. When collisions are serious, the police should be contacted to conduct an investigation at the crash scene and make a report.  Calling the police is important, in part, because a driver who was intoxicated or otherwise in violation of the law could face criminal charges connected to a crash.

While police are supposed to enforce the law through the investigation of a crash, this doesn't always happen. In fact, The Times Union reported recently that two Montgomery County sheriff's deputies are facing criminal charges in connection with covering up a hit-and-run.

Criminal Charges For Deputies Accused of Covering Up a Hit-and-Run

According to the Times Union, one of the Montgomery County sheriff's deputies reportedly struck a skateboarder with his vehicle and did not report the accident. That deputy is facing felony charges.  Another deputy reportedly learned of the incident and also did not make a report of the accident or the cover-up that followed. The deputy who was silent about the first law enforcement official's actions has been charged with a misdemeanor offense for professional misconduct.

The actions of the deputies were discovered when other law enforcement officials were called to a home in Montgomery County to check in an 18-year-old who had been hit by a vehicle the evening before. The victim and a friend were skateboarding on Northern Boulevard at the time of the incident. The victim rolled up on the hood of the officer's vehicle, suffering cuts and scrapes to his head, arm, and shoulder.

The victim broke the windshield of the deputy's car when rolling up onto it in the accident. He reportedly took photographs of the vehicle before it drove away, and he indicated he thought someone had contacted the police but when law enforcement officials did not come, he left the crash scene.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the driver was a sheriff's deputy. State police were contacted in order to provide assistance with the investigation. During their review of what had occurred, they discovered that the other deputy had been made aware of the incident and had not fulfilled his obligation to report it.

In addition to the criminal charges, both of the sheriff's deputies are facing charges with internal affairs. They have been put onto paid administrative leave until a full disciplinary investigation is conducted by their department. They have also been issued tickets to appear before the disciplinary board.

Legal consequences following a hit-and-run are common. An Albany criminal defense lawyer can provide you with help understanding your legal options if you have been accused of wrongdoing in connection with an accident or if you have been charged with other misdemeanor or felony offenses. Contact us today to learn more.

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