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Category: White Collar Crimes & Fraud

New York Representative Faces Felony Fraud Charges

Friday Aug 10th, on White Collar Crimes & Fraud |

Fraud crimes are taken very seriously and can result in felony charges on the federal or state level. An Albany felony attorney can provide you with representation in the event that you are charged with a fraud offense. Many different types of misconduct can result in charges, and those who are accused of wrongdoing are […] Read more

Lies: When Do They Amount to Fraud?

Thursday Aug 17th, on White Collar Crimes & Fraud |

A New York City federal criminal defense attorney can provide representation to clients who have been accused of fraud. Fraud offenses are often serious and can result in a harsh prison sentence if a defendant is convicted of a serious fraud crime. Because of the severity of fraud charges, it is important to have a […] Read more

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