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What are Felony Murder Charges?

Saturday Sep 21st, on Criminal Defense Articles, Violent Crimes |

An Albany felony attorney can provide representation when you face serious charges, including charges for murder. Many people are surprised to learn that they can actually be charged with murder even if they did not kill anyone. That’s because there’s a legal doctrine called the felony murder rule. The New York Times reported recently on felony murder, […] Read more

Combatting Crime: A Look at the Latest Executive Orders

Wednesday Feb 22nd, on Violent Crimes |

President Donald J. Trump signed three executive orders recently which were described by the Trump administration as “designed to restore safety in America,” to “break the back” of cartels and “stop as of today” alleged violence which is occurring against law enforcement officers.  The New York Times reported on the executive orders which drew both […] Read more

Could Amazon’s Echo be a Witness in a Murder Case?

Friday Feb 10th, on Violent Crimes |

Today, many people voluntarily bring digital devices into their homes. Many of these devices regularly record or track the conversations and activities of the device owners.  This is having profound consequences. As recording devices become more pervasive and more common in a wide variety of different settings, privacy is eroding.  A device you have in […] Read more

Crimes Are Being Filmed And Broadcast On Facebook Live

Friday Jan 27th, on Violent Crimes |

Facebook Live is a digital platform that allows people to broadcast live video to their followers and to the public. The social media platform is supposed to be used for personal and professional communication. Unfortunately, in recent months, it has also been used multiple times to show serious crimes being committed. Filming criminal activity is […] Read more

So, You Forgot to Take Your Medicine: Could You Face Charges if an Accident Occurs?

Friday Nov 11th, on Violent Crimes |

n 2015, a 57-year-old man in New York lost control of his car while he was driving on Halloween night. The man allegedly caused a motor vehicle accident that resulted in the tragic death of three trick-or-treaters. A 65-year-old man, his 10-year-old-grandson and a 24-year-old women were all victims of the auto accident that occurred […] Read more

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