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Category: Sex Crimes

The Sex Offender Registry: Should Kids Be Required to Register?

Tuesday Oct 31st, on Sex Crimes |

When a defendant is convicted of certain sexual offenses, the defendant can be put onto a sex offender registry. Because of the profound impact that registration can have on a person’s life, anyone faced with charges for which registration could be required should consult with a Schenectady sex crime defense attorney for help right away […] Read more

The Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes

Tuesday Oct 24th, on Sex Crimes |

Albany sex crime lawyers can provide you with legal representation if you are accused of committing any type of sex crime. The law takes sex crimes very seriously and some of the harshest penalties in the justice system are imposed for defendants convicted of these offenses so it is important to act quickly to get […] Read more

Sextortion: What is It and Should It Be Outlawed?

Tuesday Oct 17th, on Sex Crimes |

According to Reuters, sextortion is not recognized as a crime in many states throughout the country. Sextortion is defined as a type of extortion that involves the use of sexual images or sexual acts.  There are new calls to make sextortion illegal, especially in light of recent sexual assault allegations being raised in response to news […] Read more

Teen Sexting: Should They Be Deemed Sex Offenders?

Friday Sep 29th, on Sex Crimes |

Within the United States, sex crimes are some of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of. A conviction for a sex crime can result not only in imprisonment, but in mandatory registration for decades or for life. Registering as a sex offender can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from where […] Read more

Title IX Reforms

Friday Sep 8th, on Sex Crimes |

Title IX is a civil rights law which was passed more than 45 years ago by the U.S. congress to prohibit the exclusion of people based on the sex from any educational programs or activities that receive federal funding. Title IX essentially mandates that educational institutions protect the rights of all students and ensure they […] Read more

Efforts are Underway in New York City to Make Revenge Porn a Crime

Wednesday Apr 26th, on Sex Crimes |

A New York City federal sex crime defense attorney can defend individuals accused of various types of sexual offenses. There are many different kinds of behaviors that could result in criminal charges and it is important to know what the law allows and what it prohibits so you can avoid inadvertently violating the law and […] Read more

Is It Constitutional to Ban Sex Offenders From Social Media?

Wednesday Apr 12th, on Sex Crimes |

In 2010, a man posted on Facebook after his traffic ticket was dismissed. His post said, “God is good.” While many millions of people post similarly innocuous statements on Facebook every day, this post was different. It was different because the man who posted it had been convicted of a sex offense for taking liberties […] Read more

Is this U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Sex Offenders Based on a Myth?

Friday Mar 31st, on Sex Crimes |

Hundreds of court decisions in the United States rely on the premise that there is a “frightening and high” rate of recidivism among sexual offenders. Both lower court decisions and Supreme Court cases have used this basic premise to allow legislatures to pass laws that “effectively banish registered sex offenders from many aspects of everyday […] Read more

Can a Judge Sentence a Sex Offender to Celibacy Until Marriage?

Thursday Feb 16th, on Sex Crimes |

Sex offenders are treated very harshly within the criminal justice system. The severity of the penalties for sex offenses and the potentially life-long implications of conviction for a sex offense make it especially important for the accused to get help from skilled sex crime lawyers. Now, those accused of sex crimes have yet another reason […] Read more

New York Lawmakers Face Proposal to Lift Statute of Limitations on Sex Assault Crimes

Wednesday Jan 11th, on Sex Crimes |

A statute of limitations exists for most crimes because it is important to limit the amount of time a victim has to come forward and make accusations. It is not fair for people to live for years wondering if they may one day be accused of a crime from decades ago. When too much time […] Read more

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