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Category: DWI

Local New York Legislator Faces DWI Charge

Friday Apr 12th, on DWI |

Police officers and prosecutors in the Capital District take drinking and driving very seriously. A driving while intoxicated conviction can come with serious consequences, including steep fines, the loss of driving privileges and even jail time, in some cases. Just ask Rensselaer County legislator Daniel Casale, who was cited for DWI in February. The son of former […] Read more

Refusing a Breathalyzer? Read This First

Friday Dec 7th, on DWI |

Police officers and prosecutors in New York take drinking and driving very seriously. A driving while intoxicated charge can have significant consequences. That’s why many drivers may be hesitant to agree to take a breathalyzer test when they’re pulled over by the cops. Here’s what you should know before you make that decision. How Breathalyzers Work New […] Read more

Safety Advocates Urge New Laws Related to Drugged Driving

Friday Oct 28th, on DWI |

Federal drug defense attorneys provide representation to defendants who have been accused of serious drug offenses, such as possession with intent to sell narcotics or distribution and drug trafficking. There are many harsh laws imposed on drug defendants, including mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of certain offenses on the federal level. Despite the lack […] Read more

The Holiday Season is Approaching: Beware of the DWI Crackdown

Monday Oct 24th, on DWI |

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be here before you know it. These holidays are some of the most commonly celebrated events of the season for many people throughout New York State. The holidays mean traveling to friends, attending parties, going to bars and events and visiting family. The holidays can […] Read more

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Warrantless Blood Tests

Friday Jul 15th, on DWI |

In drunk driving cases, blood tests can be powerful physical evidence for prosecutors. A prosecutor can introduce blood test results that show drugs or alcohol in a driver’s system in order to help convince a jury to convict.  However, in order for the test results to be admissible, the evidence must not have been obtained […] Read more

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