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Category: Drug Crimes

What Marijuana Decriminalization Means for New Yorkers

Saturday Dec 14th, on Drug Crimes |

New York could eventually join a growing number of states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. The Empire State has already authorized limited use for medical purposes. State and local lawmakers and prosecutors have also moved to “decriminalize” possession of marijuana, a substance once considered a harmful drug. Because restrictions on marijuana are still complicated and […] Read more

Minorities Accounted for 89 Percent of NYC Marijuana Arrests Last Year

Friday Feb 22nd, on Drug Crimes |

Ongoing efforts to revise criminal laws across the country and reduce penalties for drug offenses often focus on racial disparities in the criminal justice system. New data out of New York City shows that some significant disparities still remain. A whopping 89 percent of city residents arrested for smoking marijuana last year were black or Hispanic, according […] Read more

What Does the New Federal Criminal Justice Reform Law Mean for New Yorkers Convicted of Crimes?

Thursday Jan 24th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Drug Crimes |

President Donald Trump recently signed into law a sweeping, bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. The First Step Act is designed to combat mass incarceration by overhauling sentencing requirements and giving those convicted of crimes a better shot at going straight on release through employment services program. As its name suggests, the legislation may be the first of […] Read more

NY District Attorney Seeks to Dismantle the Legacy of Tough Marijuana Enforcement Laws

Friday Oct 26th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Drug Crimes |

Drug laws throughout the United States have long resulted in offenders facing harsh punishments. That is why getting help from an Albany drug crime lawyer is essential to fight for your future. In recent years, the good news is that authorities in New York have begun to scale back enforcement of marijuana laws so fewer […] Read more

Drug Offenders: Lawmakers Are Urged to Take a Different Approach

Friday Aug 17th, on Drug Crimes |

In New York and throughout the United States, defendants face harsh criminal charges for alleged involvement with controlled substances. An Albany drug crime lawyer can provide legal representation to defendants who have been accused of a crime related to narcotics and can help those accused of wrongdoing to fight charges against them. Unfortunately, many of […] Read more

Help Denied: Woman Gets Sentenced to Jail After Drug Relapse

Friday Jul 13th, on Drug Crimes |

Many people who are addicted to drugs need help breaking their addiction. Unfortunately, in some cases, those who are suffering from addiction are not offered help but instead are at the mercy of the criminal justice system and could wind up being incarcerated. This is why it is so important for those who are accused […] Read more

Drug Crimes: A New Approach is Getting Widespread Attention

Friday May 11th, on Drug Crimes |

The United States has long taken an aggressive stance on drug offenses, imprisoning people alleged to have sold, possessed, or used drugs. Because drug offenses can result in serious penalties, those accused of having a controlled substance illegally should consult with an Albany drug possession lawyer to find out what options are available to them […] Read more

Crystal Meth: Is This the Next Phase of the Drug Epidemic?

Thursday May 3rd, on Drug Crimes |

Drug use has become a major problem throughout the United States, with an epidemic of fentanyl, pain pills, and even heroin sweeping the country. Many people have become addicted to opioids, and an Albany drug crime lawyer can provide representation to those suffering from addiction who are faced with criminal charges. Officials have tried with […] Read more

The Death Penalty for Drug Dealers: Could It Really Happen?

Friday Mar 30th, on Drug Crimes |

If you are convicted of dealing drugs, especially on the federal level, you can face very harsh penalties up to and including life imprisonment, depending upon the circumstances. Because the penalties are so harsh, it is imperative you get help from a Schenectady drug defense lawyer as soon as you are under investigation for a […] Read more

The Opioid Epidemic: The Dangerous Misconceptions

Friday Mar 23rd, on Drug Crimes |

Federal drug defense attorneys provide help to those who are accused of drug offenses, including crimes related to fentanyl and opioids. The opioid epidemic has been treated differently than many other epidemics in the past and, as The Intercept explains, public perception of this epidemic may not accurately reflect reality. The Dangerous Misconceptions About the […] Read more

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