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Category: Domestic Violence

How Domestic Violence Allegations Led to an Albany College Student’s Possible Deportation

Friday Feb 15th, on Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence allegations can have a significant and lasting impact on everyone involved, even in some cases where the claims are never actually proved. A University at Albany student’s recent experience shows how these kinds of allegations can also raise immigration issues. Omar Helatat was detained by federal immigration officials as he was trying to finish his […] Read more

How Orders of Protection Work in Domestic Violence Cases

Thursday Jan 10th, on Domestic Violence |

Orders of protection (commonly called “restraining orders”) are a legal tool often used in domestic violence cases to ensure the safety of alleged victims. If granted by a court, these orders often come with significant restrictions on a person accused or convicted of a crime. They also carry serious consequences for anyone who doesn’t abide by […] Read more

Domestic Abusers and Firearm Rights

Friday Jun 29th, on Domestic Violence |

Those who are accused of domestic abuse should contact an Albany criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, as penalties for abuse can be very serious. In addition to the potential for jail time and a permanent criminal record, new laws in New York now require those who are convicted of domestic violence to give […] Read more

NY Lawmakers Propose Domestic Violence Registry

Monday Mar 27th, on Domestic Violence |

One of the most significant penalties that results after a conviction for a sex offense is a requirement to register as an offender. Registration impacts job opportunities, affects where a person can live, and can impact all future relationships. One of the big reasons why it is important to try to fight hard to avoid […] Read more

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