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Presidential Advisor Ramps Up the Push for Criminal Justice Reform

Saturday Sep 28th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Criminal Investigations |

There are many widely-recognized problems with the criminal justice system in the United States. Overly-harsh mandatory minimum sentencing rules have led to mass incarceration, with people often serving long prison sentences for minor offenses. This has led to the U.S. having one of the world’s largest incarceration rates. This is also why it is so […] Read more

Young Girl Accused of Shoplifting Gets Tased By Police Officer

Saturday Sep 14th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Criminal Investigations |

Shoplifting offenses can result in serious consequences if convicted and those who have been accused of taking possessions that do not belong to them should consult with an Albany shoplifting lawyer for help understanding options. There are often diversion programs that can make it possible to avoid a criminal record, and an attorney can provide […] Read more

Federal Judges, Lawmakers Disagree on Ankle Monitoring for Non-Violent Offenders

Friday Oct 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Criminal Investigations |

After an arrest, the freedoms available to defendants are immediately curtailed. In many cases, offenders are imprisoned unless or until they make bail and are released under certain conditions such as returning to court for a trial and potentially engaging in specific behaviors or refraining from certain behaviors.  And, in other cases, defendants are required […] Read more

DNA Evidence From Genealogy Databases: Is it Ethical to Use it in Criminal Investigations?

Friday Jul 27th, on Criminal Investigations |

DNA evidence is some of the most powerful evidence that is used in criminal proceedings. An Albany felony attorney can help defendants who are being accused of wrongdoing and whose DNA is being presented as part of the evidence. An attorney can try to help you disprove or cast doubt on DNA evidence, but many […] Read more

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Two 5th Amendment Cases

Friday Apr 6th, on Criminal Investigations |

An Albany criminal defense lawyer can provide you with legal assistance if you are under investigation for allegedly committing a criminal offense. When you have been accused of committing a crime, you need to understand how the constitution works to protect you. One of the most important constitutional amendments for those navigating the justice system […] Read more

The CLOUD Act Could Be Used to Bypass the 4th Amendment

Friday Mar 16th, on Criminal Investigations |

A federal criminal investigation attorney can help you to ensure that your rights are respected if you are under investigation for breaking the law. The U.S Constitution is supposed to protect you when you are accused of a crime. For example, the Fourth Amendment is supposed to ensure your right to privacy remains in tact […] Read more

Court Mistakenly Destroys Evidence That May Have Freed Death Row Inmate

Friday Dec 8th, on Criminal Investigations |

A federal criminal investigation attorney can provide you with help throughout the process of your case in ensuring you are able to obtain as much evidence as possible that could potentially be exculpatory.   Having an attorney who can help you to maintain and present evidence is vital, as the evidence that is presented in court […] Read more

A Look at Familial DNA Testing

Thursday Aug 24th, on Criminal Investigations |

The New York State Commission on Forensic Science has voted 9-2 to approve a new crime-fighting tool: the use of familial DNA.  Pix 11 reported on the approval, which was celebrated by the parents of a murder victim who described the day as a good one.  The father of the victim told Pix 11 that “this is […] Read more

New DNA Tool is Helping to Crack Old Cases

Thursday Jul 27th, on Criminal Investigations |

Scientific evidence can present challenges for accused defendants who are hoping to earn acquittals by defending against a prosecutor’s case. The problem is, many members of the jury believe scientific evidence is reliable and should be decisive in determining whether to find a defendant guilty, as all of these misconceptions are perpetuated by television crime […] Read more

NY Considers Wider DNA Net to Help Solve Hard Cases

Friday Apr 21st, on Criminal Investigations |

DNA has been used to help police track down individuals who allegedly violated the law. When crimes are committed, the perpetrator often leaves skin, blood, or other genetic material at the crime scene that police can use to find the perpetrator’s DNA. A large database of ex-offenders is then searched in order to find out […] Read more

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