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Task Force Calls for End to New York’s Cash Bail System

Friday Mar 29th, on Criminal Defense News |

Cash bail could soon be a thing of the past in New York, thanks to concerns that the system discriminates against minority and low-income communities. The New York State Justice Task Force last month recommended that state lawmakers overhaul the current bail system. The group, comprised of judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officials, joined a growing chorus […] Read more

Former NY Police Officer Sentenced for Role in Hit and Run

Friday Mar 22nd, on Criminal Defense News |

When Raymond Beckley was a police officer, he often put people in jail to try to keep his community safe. Now the former Westchester cop is taking his own trip behind bars. Beckley was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for his role in a White Plains hit and run accident that seriously injured two people. […] Read more

Senators Seeking a Criminal Justice Overhaul Oppose Reform Bill

Friday Jun 22nd, on Criminal Defense News |

Criminal justice reform is long overdue in the United States. Mandatory minimum sentences and other aggressive laws have resulted in a mass incarceration problem in the United States.  Unfortunately, efforts to move forward with reform keep running into roadblocks so the problems with the system persist and many defendants struggle to get fair outcomes. This […] Read more

New Bill Would Track the Use of Out-of-State Guns in NY Crimes

Friday May 25th, on Criminal Defense News |

New York has very strict gun laws, and there are also federal laws regarding weapons. Those who violate gun laws in New York may face harsh penalties for failing to comply with gun control regulations. A defendant who is involved with any type of crime can also usually expect to face more serious charges if […] Read more

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