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Criminal Records Are Keeping Millions Of Men Out Of The Workforce

Wednesday Jan 25th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Fighting conviction with the help of federal drug defense attorneys is of vital importance for many reasons. One big reason why you want to fight hard against being convicted of a crime is to avoid being left with a criminal record. If you are convicted of a crime and you have a record, this can […] Read more

What Makes A Crime A Hate Crime?

Friday Jan 20th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Certain types of criminal behavior can be classified as hate crimes. In situations when a defendant is charged with a hate crime, the defendant can face harsher penalties than he would have faced if he had just been charged with the underlying offense(s) that gave rise to the hate crimes charges. Defending against hate crime accusations […] Read more

Unequal Justice for the Poor in New York

Wednesday Jan 18th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Being represented by an attorney is one of the fundamental rights of criminal defendants. When you are represented by a skilled and knowledgeable Schenectady criminal defense attorney, you can develop an effective trial strategy that is aimed at avoiding conviction or at least minimizing possible criminal penalties for your charges. Unfortunately, some people cannot afford […] Read more

The Price of a Second Chance After a Crime

Friday Jan 13th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

A New York federal criminal defense attorney works to help clients get the best outcomes possible when they are accused of criminal wrongdoing. Avoiding a criminal record and jail time are usually top goals for those who have been accused of violating the law. There are different approaches to take to try to avoid or […] Read more

Young Offenders: Why They Should Be Charged as Juveniles Instead of Adults

Friday Nov 25th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When a young person is accused of committing a crime, he or she should be treated differently within the criminal justice system. There have been many efforts in New York to change how the justice system works and to provide more protections for teen offenders in order to ensure an immature young person is not […] Read more

Reduced Crime Rates in New York: Is Stop-and-Frisk Responsible for the Drop?

Wednesday Oct 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In 2002, the practice of stop-and-frisk took off in New York City under the second term of police commissioner Raymond Kelly. Stop-and-frisk occurs when the police stop civilians, question them and frisk them to determine if they have any contraband on them. In 2002, the number of stops that the New York police department recorded […] Read more

Hopes for Criminal Justice Reform Fade

Thursday Sep 29th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Criminal justice reform enjoys bipartisan support at the federal level because it is so clear that there are problems with the current rules for criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, despite strong efforts to move forward with positive change, it appears likely that the legislation that would have the best chance of passing Congress has now stalled. Criminal […] Read more

Restorative Justice: An Alternative to Incarceration?

Tuesday Sep 27th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

For defendants who seek legal help from a Schenectady criminal defense attorney, incarceration is often the worst fear when facing criminal charges. Being jailed can take you away from work and family, and it can have an adverse impact on your life. In many cases, incarceration provides no benefits to defendants and does little to […] Read more

America’s Foremost Institution: Prison

Thursday Sep 22nd, on Criminal Defense Articles |

In the United States, spending on prisons has increased at substantially higher rates than spending on schools. As Pacific Standard Magazine explains, state and local government spending on prisons has increased at three times the rate as spending on K-12 education between 1979 and 2013. From 1979 to 2013, there was a 107 percent increase in the […] Read more

Trying Juveniles as Adults: Changes to the Rules Should Be Considered

Wednesday Aug 31st, on Criminal Defense Articles |

The juvenile justice system exists because children who are accused of crimes need and deserve to be treated differently than adults. Children can often be rehabilitated and go on to have bright futures. However, an early criminal conviction and serious penalties could derail a child’s entire life. Unfortunately, New York is one of the harshest […] Read more

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