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NY District Attorney Seeks to Dismantle the Legacy of Tough Marijuana Enforcement Laws

Friday Oct 26th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Drug Crimes |

Drug laws throughout the United States have long resulted in offenders facing harsh punishments. That is why getting help from an Albany drug crime lawyer is essential to fight for your future. In recent years, the good news is that authorities in New York have begun to scale back enforcement of marijuana laws so fewer […] Read more

Federal Judges, Lawmakers Disagree on Ankle Monitoring for Non-Violent Offenders

Friday Oct 19th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Criminal Investigations |

After an arrest, the freedoms available to defendants are immediately curtailed. In many cases, offenders are imprisoned unless or until they make bail and are released under certain conditions such as returning to court for a trial and potentially engaging in specific behaviors or refraining from certain behaviors.  And, in other cases, defendants are required […] Read more

Racism in the Justice System

Friday Oct 12th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Protecting your rights when navigating the criminal justice system is imperative. That’s why anyone accused of wrongdoing should be represented by an Albany felony attorney. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ensure fair outcomes in the justice system as a result of entrenched racism. Recent reports confirm that racism is an inherent problem within the […] Read more

Criminal Justice Reform: Reducing the Number of Laws on the Books

Friday Aug 24th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Recently, there was a White House conference on criminal justice reform. There is universal agreement that the criminal justice system in the United States needs to be reformed, although there is disagreement on the right approach to take. Reforms are necessary because of a mass incarceration problem in the United States and because many of […] Read more

Sharing Prison Space in New York: Placing Teens in Adult Jails

Wednesday Aug 22nd, on Criminal Defense Articles |

When a teen is arrested for violating the law, it is imperative that parents of the alleged offender get in touch with Albany criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible after accusations are made against the teen.  New York has a reputation for how it deals with teenagers who get in trouble with the law. […] Read more

What’s Life Like for Women in Prison?

Friday Aug 17th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Life in prison is difficult for anyone who is put behind bars. For women, however, being imprisoned creates substantially different risks than for men. Prisons are often not set up to meet the needs of women, despite the fact a growing number of women are being jailed in the United States.  Because of the unique […] Read more

NY Prisons Limit Books Accessible to Inmates

Monday Jan 15th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Albany criminal defense attorneys can provide you with representation if you have been accused of criminal conduct and are facing jail or prison time.  You want to do everything possible to fight against accusations that could result in your incarceration, or to try to reduce the penalties that you could face through a plea agreement […] Read more

America’s Prisons: A Look at Some of the Problems

Friday Dec 29th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

A Schenectady criminal defense attorney provides help to defendants accused of criminal offenses. The goal of a defense attorney is to work with clients to maximize the chances that a conviction can be prevented and prison or jail can be avoided. A defense attorney can also provide help negotiating a plea agreement with the goal […] Read more

Supreme Court to Rule on Significant Fourth Amendment Case

Friday Dec 22nd, on Criminal Defense Articles |

The Fourth Amendment provides important protections against unlawful search and unlawful seizure. A New York City federal criminal defense attorney can provide representation to defendants in ensuring that their Fourth Amendment rights are protected.  If the Constitution was violated, the evidence unlawfully collected cannot be used against the defendant to secure a conviction, nor can […] Read more

Innocent Witnesses Are Being Jailed: Why is This Happening?

Thursday Nov 9th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Throughout the country, prosecutors are making use of aggressive tactics to try to fight crime.  In some cases, prosecutors are actually putting innocent witnesses in jail in order to compel them to testify against people who have allegedly broken the law.  A New York City criminal defense attorney can provide assistance in circumstances where witnesses […] Read more

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