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Category: Child Abuse

Is Leaving My Kids at Home Alone Child Abuse?

Saturday Dec 28th, on Child Abuse |

Child abuse and neglect are serious crimes that can lead to prison time, fines and even the loss of your kids. New York laws are largely designed to try to protect children. Sometimes, however, it may be unclear where parents’ freedom to make decisions about how to raise their kids ends and criminal behavior begins. That’s particularly […] Read more

Cuomo to Push Extending Time to Prosecute Child Sex Abuse Cases

Friday Feb 8th, on Child Abuse |

Child sex abuse victims will have more time to file civil lawsuits against their attackers if Gov. Andrew Cuomo has his way. Cuomo wants state lawmakers to extend the statute of limitations, which puts a deadline on child sex abuse lawsuits. Currently, people who claim they were abused as children can sue until they turn 23 years […] Read more

Will a New Law Change the Definition of Child Trafficking in New York?

Friday Jun 8th, on Child Abuse, Sex Crimes |

Advocates are urging New York lawmakers to pass a new law to broaden the definition of child trafficking.  The proposal would make it easier for prosecutors to pursue cases against defendants and would make conviction more likely in many circumstances.  Although advocates proposing the new law argue that current rules aren’t effective at punishing traffickers, […] Read more

Young Prisoners Serving Life Without Parole

Monday Jul 31st, on Child Abuse, Probation & Parole Violations |

When you are faced with charges that carry a lengthy prison term, it is vital to talk with a New York defense lawyer to try to minimize the serious consequences you’re facing or to try to avoid a prison sentence altogether by successfully defending your case. This is especially true when there is the possibility […] Read more

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