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Task Force Calls for End to New York’s Cash Bail System

Task Force Calls for End to New York’s Cash Bail System

Friday Mar 29th, on Criminal Defense News |

Cash bail could soon be a thing of the past in New York, thanks to concerns that the system discriminates against minority and low-income communities. The New York State Justice Task Force last month recommended that state lawmakers overhaul the current bail system. The group, comprised of judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officials, joined a growing chorus […] Read more

“Raise the Age” Campaign Moves Closer to Success

Friday Mar 22nd, on Sex Crimes |

New York is one of only two states which has a practice of charging younger teens as adults when those teens break the law. In New York, teens ages 16 and 17 who are accused of crimes will be charged as adults by default, rather than having their cases adjudicated in family court where there […] Read more

Former NY Police Officer Sentenced for Role in Hit and Run

Friday Mar 22nd, on Criminal Defense News |

When Raymond Beckley was a police officer, he often put people in jail to try to keep his community safe. Now the former Westchester cop is taking his own trip behind bars. Beckley was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for his role in a White Plains hit and run accident that seriously injured two people. […] Read more

NY Lawmakers Moving Gun Safe Storage Legislation

Friday Mar 15th, on Criminal Defense Articles |

Lawmakers in New York are looking to bolster requirements that gun owners store their weapons safely. The state legislature in early March passed legislation that would require gun owners to take certain steps to safely store their weapons. That includes locking the gun in an “appropriate safe storage depository” when it’s not in the person’s possession or […] Read more

Governor Cuomo to Sign New Revenge Porn Law

Friday Mar 8th, on Sex Crimes |

Add New York to the growing list of states moving to make “revenge porn” a sex crime. In the very near future, Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign a bill that would criminalize the nonconsensual publishing or sharing of sexually explicit photos or videos of a current or former partner. The law is designed to curb […] Read more

Albany Police Officer Busted for Patronizing Prostitute

Thursday Feb 28th, on Sex Crimes |

The sex trade has long been a shadow industry with norms and rules that vary widely and little oversight for the health and safety for those involved. Now, a group of sex workers is pushing leaders in New York and Albany to bring the industry out into the light. Decrim NY is urging lawmakers to remove or […] Read more

Minorities Accounted for 89 Percent of NYC Marijuana Arrests Last Year

Friday Feb 22nd, on Drug Crimes |

Ongoing efforts to revise criminal laws across the country and reduce penalties for drug offenses often focus on racial disparities in the criminal justice system. New data out of New York City shows that some significant disparities still remain. A whopping 89 percent of city residents arrested for smoking marijuana last year were black or Hispanic, according […] Read more

How Domestic Violence Allegations Led to an Albany College Student’s Possible Deportation

Friday Feb 15th, on Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence allegations can have a significant and lasting impact on everyone involved, even in some cases where the claims are never actually proved. A University at Albany student’s recent experience shows how these kinds of allegations can also raise immigration issues. Omar Helatat was detained by federal immigration officials as he was trying to finish his […] Read more

Cuomo to Push Extending Time to Prosecute Child Sex Abuse Cases

Friday Feb 8th, on Child Abuse |

Child sex abuse victims will have more time to file civil lawsuits against their attackers if Gov. Andrew Cuomo has his way. Cuomo wants state lawmakers to extend the statute of limitations, which puts a deadline on child sex abuse lawsuits. Currently, people who claim they were abused as children can sue until they turn 23 years […] Read more

What Does the New Federal Criminal Justice Reform Law Mean for New Yorkers Convicted of Crimes?

Thursday Jan 24th, on Criminal Defense Articles, Drug Crimes |

President Donald Trump recently signed into law a sweeping, bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. The First Step Act is designed to combat mass incarceration by overhauling sentencing requirements and giving those convicted of crimes a better shot at going straight on release through employment services program. As its name suggests, the legislation may be the first of […] Read more

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