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Could Sex Offenders Be Locked Up Forever?

Could Sex Offenders Be Locked Up Forever?

Monday Aug 29th, on Sex Crimes | reported on the controversial effort to permanently confine sex offenders.  The approach involves treating sex offenders as mental patients and locking them up in prison-like hospitals. Previously, attempts had been made to claim that a sex offender should be kept confined in a hospital for having anti-social personality disorder (ASPD).  However, the court ruled that […] Read more

Wrongful Convictions: Is There a Way to Prevent Them?

Wednesday Aug 24th, on Criminal Investigations |

Within the New York justice system, there have been numerous examples of wrongful convictions where it has become apparent that the wrong person was found guilty of a criminal offense. Wrongful convictions are more common than anyone wants to believe, and wrongful convictions ruin lives when they occur. Any defendant who has been accused of […] Read more

Child Pornography Suspect Refuses to Unlock Hard Drive, Faces Imprisonment

Monday Aug 15th, on Sex Crimes |

In March of 2015, a computer was seized by authorities who had been investigating online child pornography. The owner of the computer is a former police sergeant.  Authorities tried to unlock the man’s computer, but were not able to do so. They brought the former police sergeant into a forensic lab and he tried out […] Read more

Due Process Denied: A Look at Sex Offenses on College Campuses

Friday Jul 29th, on College Campus Crimes, Sex Crimes |

Anyone accused of violating the law has the right to the presumption of innocence in the legal system, as well as the right to due process before facing penalties.  Unfortunately, these rights are not being respected when it comes to college students who are accused of sex crimes. When allegations are made, colleges often take […] Read more

Sex Crimes: Can Public Pressure Affect Sentencing?

Friday Jul 22nd, on Sex Crimes |

Whenever a defendant gets convicted of a crime, a sentence must be handed down. Despite the fact that there are sentencing guidelines, maximum sentences and even mandatory minimum sentences in some cases, judges can have a great deal of discretion when it comes to sentencing in many cases. Such discretion is necessary because every defendant […] Read more

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Warrantless Blood Tests

Friday Jul 15th, on DWI |

In drunk driving cases, blood tests can be powerful physical evidence for prosecutors. A prosecutor can introduce blood test results that show drugs or alcohol in a driver’s system in order to help convince a jury to convict.  However, in order for the test results to be admissible, the evidence must not have been obtained […] Read more

Beware: The FBI Can See Your Tweets

Sunday Feb 21st, on Criminal Investigations |

Each day, more than 500 million tweets are sent by Twitter users and shared publicly around the world. Twitter has privacy policies in place that limit what can be done with data on Twitter users and on tweets being sent out. However, Twitter also has relationships with certain companies that have access to a so-called data […] Read more

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