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An allegation of illegal activity. A criminal investigation. An arrest. A criminal charge. Each step along the way has its risks, its pitfalls, its consequences and its opportunities. The sooner an accused person — or a person soon to be accused — is represented by knowledgeable legal counsel, the more likely it is that a positive result can be achieved.

The choice of a criminal defense attorney is a critical decision. When I accept a new client at The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC, I do so believing that I am equipped to help that person obtain the most favorable outcome. I am an accomplished criminal defense advocate. I am driven to represent our clients to the best of our ability. When stakes are high, clients appreciate our aggressive, practical approach.

Contact The Law Office of James E. Tyner, PLLC to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your charges, your circumstances and the most promising strategy of defense in your case. I handle state and federal crimesDWI defensewhite collar crime defensedomestic violencesex crimes and drug charges.

Driven to Succeed on Behalf of the Accused

Each criminal case is unique — and a favorable resolution may vary from person to person and circumstance to circumstance. Follow the “success” links below to see examples of successful outcomes in the following areas of law and gain an appreciation for the caliber of results that I strive for in cases.

Thorough Investigations, Tenacious Negotiation, Fearless in Court

I am prepared to thoroughly investigate the facts underlying your case. After a meticulous review of the facts, I am ready to devise a comprehensive plan of attack designed to produce results, from persuading prosecutors to back down to getting them to drop the criminal charges.

I will certainly consider plea negotiations if that is in the best interests of my client. At the same time, past clients and prosecutors know well that I am experienced and a tested trial attorney who will not hesitate to take your case to court if that is the best way to protect your rights and your freedom.

If I become your Albany criminal defense lawyer, I pledge to do all that I can to help obtain the results that you seek. I am prepared to fight aggressively for your best interests.

I also can help referring counsel with their clients’ criminal matters.

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Your future hangs in the balance if you have been charged with a New York State or federal crime. Take action before it is too late to put forward an intelligent criminal defense in your case. To schedule a free consultation with an Albany criminal defense lawyer, please contact James at 518-363-6305 or email him directly.

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I hired Mr. Tyner last summer. Very receptive, communicated well, did everything that needed to be done, and wound up never having any charges filed after he helped out. Worth the money for peace of mind.